Believe it or not accountants come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the big business types and the small but perfectly formed. How do you find the one that’s right for you?

Firstly think about what you need from an Accountant.
Do you want statutory requirements only ie just for the tax return and end of year accounts or do you want information to use in your business?

How often do you want updates on your financial position?

Do you need payroll?

Are you happy doing your own bookkeeping of do you want to hand over a bag of receipts?

What tax returns do you need? If you’re a limited company you’ll need personal tax and corporation tax returns.

Once you’ve a list of what you need ask around for recommendations from other business owners you know. Try Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and business networks you are involved in.

When you’ve got the recommendations arrange to have meetings with your short list. Most Accountants will happily have a free chat to talk about what you need and how they can provide it. Ask them about the services they provide and see how they cross check with your list. Remember they are working for you to build your business so there shouldn’t be any ‘we don’t do that’ answers. If you need something then find someone who will provide what you need.

Most Accountants will do packages with a monthly cost this prevents big bills and usually will give you the reassurance of a fixed amount to help you budget. Ask about the charge for any backlog, they should be clear on the charge and what you can expect for that and when.

A good Accountant can make life immeasurably better, they can smooth the way, take a weight off your mind and free you up to run your business. They are the ones that are worth every penny. If you have an Accountant that doesn’t do that for you, think again, the right one should. They should explain things in a way you understand and give you clear information when you need to make good decisions about your business.

You should feel confortable and trust them, it’s a gut thing, if your gut says its wrong then move onto the next. They should empower you to build your business with confidence, when you’ve found that you’ve a good partnership that will underpin the future of your business.